Web Design Trends of 2018

theonestopwebsiteshop / December 7, 2017
web design trends 2018

In the web design, new trends appear regularly, with new features being introduced every year or even every month. Of course, 2018 will not be an exception. So what will be the web design trends in 2018? Will they surprise the audience? What should we be ready to? The next year in this regard looks very promising. All of the following techniques should be expected reach their peak in the web fashion. Let’s briefly review each of them.web design trends 2018

Modern Web Design Trends of 2018

  1.      Gradients

This technology has always been popular among designers and has been widely practiced. Gradients is a smooth transition from one color to another. The density of the gradient can be different, like the color palette. Modern web design allows the use of gradients almost everywhere. They can radically change logos, different images, buttons, backgrounds and other elements, replacing flat color with bright, creative rainbows. Apart from being simply stylish, gradients can be a good technique to highlight some points and professionally decorate the page.

  1.      Cinemagrafs

Real photoes with moving elements inside are a very interesting feature. The technique makes it possible to create the most realistic photo image and to breathe life into it. Such elements look really impressive on the page.

  1.      3D

The more, the better – this is the main slogan of this technique. 3D has long been a sign of cool design. Continuing to exert an active influence on all design directions, 3D received a powerful push forward, which is due to the rapid development of virtual-augmented reality technologies.

  1.      Geometrical figures, circles, patterns, lines

This trend started in 2016, but it still continues to develop actively. The use of geometrical figures will definitely get into the trends of web design in 2018 because the technique offers original forms for decoration.

  1.      Bold, bright colors

It’s a great way to make a “loud” statement about yourself, which has touched even a pastel flat design. The coloring is understandable; it can significantly change the look out of any page and content layout.

  1.      Exclusive graphics, unique illustrations

The popularity of stock graphics is not relevant anymore. Being a very original trend in 2016, which continued to develop in 2017, exclusive graphics will certainly become even more popular in 2018. With this technique, you can create websites that are memorable and unique. So why not just step back from the drain solution and select something exclusive, bright, and catchy?

  1.      Full-screen

Application of full-screen elements is a very stylish approach, which allows you, for example, to fill the form without going to the next page. The modern websites offer full-screen forms, adjusted to adaptive design and varied functionality.

When you work on your own website design, inspiration may sometimes fail you. Consider the most popular technological trends of the upcoming year to make your website a bombshell!