How to Submit to LookSmart

LookSmart is a directory structured in a similar way to Yahoo. Although not as popular as Yahoo, LookSmart does provide search results for more than 600,000 sites. 

Some large search engines like MSN, CNN, Dogpile take results from LookSmart (and also Inktomi).

Looksmart was a directory that followed the same model as Yahoo, but in 2002 they changed their business model to a PPC type approach, with clicks costing 15 cents each. This move has alienated the majority of LookSmart customers and the future of this directory is in doubt.

In contrast to Yahoo, which will only accept 1 URL, LookSmart will allow you to submit up to 5 URL's from your site.

Submitting Your Site to LookSmart
Your site must be finished. Do not submit your site if pages are still non-complete or under construction. 
All your links must work. Ensure that you double check this aspect of your site before submitting.

It is worth to ensure that your site works on Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 

Your site must contain useful content. For example - a site consisting of affiliate links is very unlikely to be accepted into LookSmart. 

Ensure that your company contact information is readily available. 

If you accept credit card sales on your site, ensure you have SSL capability. 

Ensure that you have terms and conditions and a privacy policy in-view and available on your site 

Your site must not contain adult content 

Don't submit a sub-domain, it will most certainly be rejected 

Ensure that you submit to a category that is consistent with your business