How to Choose a Good Hosting Service for Your Website?

theonestopwebsiteshop / December 7, 2017
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Choosing a hosting for a website is a real headache for a webmaster with less experience in the sphere. The search engine provides dozens of variations; each has a lot of benefits and advantages for a user. It is easy to get confused if you do not know what to look for. In this post, we will guide you on what criteria to pay attention to when making a decision.

Choose the Hosting Service Smartly

When choosing a hosting, it is recommended to look at sites that have been working for many years and have many positive reviews. Of course, you can find a cheap, unknown hosting; however, there’s always a chance that it will work worse than you planned. So do not risk and choose reputable hosting services or SaaS platforms that include Web Hosting in the package of services web hosting plan

Parameters To Pay Attention To

When searching for a hosting service, it is highly recommended to check the following criteria:

  • MySQL database support, unlimited traffic, disk space available for site files.
  • High apathy and low ping. Apathy is the time of site availability. Ideally, Aptame must be equal to 100% (the site is always available), but in practice, the percentage is slightly lower. Ping is the response time of the server to the client’s action. The lower it is, the better. However, it is impossible to measure the download speed of a site. If values ​​are less than 100 ms, then the pages will boot normally.
  • Convenient control panel. It is recommended to use hosts that have a localized interface.
  • Responsive support. When reading hosting reviews, pay attention to the support responsiveness and working hours. You can also request a free trial period and contact support regarding any questions. Professional assistance is needed to solve problems, so the adequacy of the service employees is an important characteristic of the host. If you choose a free hosting service, be ready that customer support may have limited functionality.

If you need a hosting for an online shop, casino, etc., be sure to look at the available payment methods – look for an option that does not require unnecessary movements such as visiting a nearby bank or terminal.

Finding a Good Hosting

Quality hosting does not include additional complications for the user. Determined by hosting providers, check the availability of the CGI-BIN directory on the server. Access to Tel-Net, FTP and CGI-BIN must be unrestricted. And remember one crucial point: one of the most important parameters that characterize a good provider is the availability of professional technical support. It is to work around the clock and to provide comprehensive answers to any question. You must admit that it’s critical to get help right when your web resource requires it.


You need to choose a hosting that meets the goal of your web resource. Use the free trial period to evaluate how the site works. If the level of rendered services is not enough for you, the only way out will be to transfer the site to another hosting.