How to Choose A Domain Name for Business

theonestopwebsiteshop / December 1, 2017

In order to advertise and make a brand or a company visible on the market, a unique and creative domain name for the website is a must. First and foremost, the title has to be easy to pronounce and memorize. At the same time, it has to imply the quality, fashion relatedness and other important aspects of a particular product or product you are advertising. This way, the domain name for a hand cream company’s website may sound like or to emphasize on the product’s quality. Another plus of such easily pronounceable names it that they are well-remembered by people who are going to type the title when searching online. However, if the title is difficult and makes little sense to the target audience, people are unlikely to search for it online. They are are likely to forget it or merely go to another website with an easy title instead.

The main features that should be considered when choosing a domain name are:

  • length
  • uniqueness
  • reference to type of service you offer

Domain Name Has to Be Short

Secondly, the shorter the better. Surely, the WWW exists long enough for numerous short, perfectly pronounced and sense-making domains to have long been occupied. Nevertheless, there is still a place for creativity. The main thing is that your target audience relates to the name. You can even borrow words from other languages or create a mix. In modern globalized world, you will not scare anyone with popular worlds even from the most distant cultures. The main thing for the final name is to sound meaningful and make sense to a greater majority that hears it.

No Plagiarism

Thirdly, you have to do your best to avoid stealing or repeating someone else’s ideas by making it sound or look too similar to another brand’s title. Making your domain name sound too similar to another title may cause users accidentally get to your site instead of the one they intended to. While it may sound as nothing bad to your personally, legally it is a serious issue that is firmly regulated. Legal issues is never a benefit to a beginning business owner. Thus, it is better to thoroughly check everything before finally deciding on one or another titlr idea.


Think Wider

Finally, take a broader look at your business area. What is it that you do exactly? If it is hand cream production, you do not necessarily need to stick with these very keywords. Instead, you may go with or even The examples are inexhaustible. The most important thing is to create a powerful link of association so that people knew what they have to deal with once they hear the name. In addition, personal stories and funny situations often become the best idea givers. Think of some memorable situation that happened to you while in this business. This is sure to be the one perfect hint to develop a unique and creative name you have been looking for.